Thank you for visiting the website of Seoul Bukbu Assembly

We are an assembly of people who have been born again by faith in Jesus Christ, seeking to be faithful only to Him.

‘Seoul Bukbu Assembly’ is an independent church that does not seek to be exclusively affiliated with a certain religious body or denomination. (For we agree that we’re to accept anyone into our fellowship, who believes and loves Jesus Christ and has fellowship with God.)

So, we are in fellowship with churches that are faithful to Christ and the Word of God and in cooperation with them for the will of God to be done.

We practice the two ordinances, Baptism(Matt. 28:19,20) and Lord’s Supper(Luke 22:14-20, Acts 20:7, 1Cor 11:25) in obedience to the Lord’s command.

Our Spiritual Heritage

The church history is a series of repetitive reformations. However, it also shows that churches tend to easily fall back to a cold-hearted formalism as time goes by, even though it has spiritual reformations driven by Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Wesley, and the like. In the early 19th century, the established churches were backslidden and a lot of saints were gathering together separate from the state churches. Meanwhile, the Napoleonic Wars lead the saints to a deeper interest in the prophecies of the Bible and drew them to a fresh attention to the truth that the Lord’s Advent is near.